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Hi, Rienier (Graham) here. So you got chosen to be my Secret Santa? Thank you! This is my first Secret Santa ever, so looking forward to it. Lets get right into this.


Shirts: I have more then enough, so please no shirts. Sweatshirts are cool though.

Games I Enjoy: I only play games on my 3DS or on my PC, so nothing particularly X Box or Playstation focused please. For example, I don’t have any connection to Halo, Uncharted, God of War, Gears of War, etc. Just not my shtick. I am loving Overwatch lately though, particularly McCree! But most classic game franchises and stuff I also like. I will note too, I’m not terribly into anything cutesy, like Pokemon or YoKai or anything. Doesn’t mean I’m looking for like, a box of nails and a Disturbed CD, but no kids stuff please.


Things I’m into: Board games, art, stuff I can put on my desk and be like, aw man isn’t that the coolest. Um. Hmmm. Props from games? Those are awesome. Like tangible items and knick-knacks from games. I’m really big into TV shows and movies too. Honestly, you probably can’t go wrong, don’t worry.

I know feel this is kind of vague, and if it is, I’m sorry. But for the most part, if you see something cool gaming related, I’m sure I’ll love it! Thank you again stranger!

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